*music* Hello everyone Look at this background I counted today Well, not today, literally 5 minutes ago, I thought We shot here the video "Reaction on the comments" exactly one million subscribers ago Yes! For a million people, this background is new Is he really cool? Today we shoot a popular video on Russian YouTube called "Two truths one lie" We have three … And I came up with and vice versa wrote two lies and one truth Two lies? And let's make two lies, one truth? Not! In short … Yes, we will re-record this video later for now *laugh* B *** you are so stupid And so we return Seryozha all from … Yes edited From … the editors are working Yes, we work like this So Zuefa Zuefa I don’t understand why we play every time. Everything! I almost got a b *** phone We have two truths and one lie That is, I speak in theory three truths and he I have to guess where it’s not true.

Guess? I guess! Give it a try! I read to you … *laugh* And so Seryozha As a child, I poured sand to a girl from my yard in my underpants I poured a whole bucket, came straight up like this My favorite series is Sherlock Holmes And they wanted to kick me out of school twice They often wanted to expel from school But I think it was more than twice Lies about being kicked out of school twice Yes, they wanted to kick me out of school three times. Bastard! Now now I think I’ll just laugh now In the elementary grades, well, such until the seventh grade I beat the biggest boy in the class when i went to school I left the house hiding behind the house and watched when my mom comes out to go back and to skip school I also love vinaigrette It's about the fact that you beat And the fact that you hid and watched your mother leave is also true.

And you cannot stand vinaigrette Here is a lie *laugh* My favorite color in clothes is gray As a child, I broke a glass with a stone to a neighbor and did not run away because I thought that if I stayed at the crime scene, then she would not suspect me And I played football for seven years You played soccer longer. It's a lie How so? On the day of St. Nicholas, I asked my mother with dad drive Maxim *laugh* It's true! *laugh* As a child, my brother and I collected broken teeth when we killed a pig, cut it and threw them for a glass collected I really loved going to the school canteen, right here was my favorite thing at school go to school canteen With Maxim, the truth is because I held this disc in my hands Do you know… Come on now along the night roads … walked … When I die I will become the wind … Do you like going to the canteen, I studied at the same school with you But you were so full that you could keep your pig’s teeth But something tells me it's a lie You were mistaken, we were just once with my brother which …

But you love going to the canteen No need to tell me here I didn’t like going to the canteen because it smelled terribly and I came to class all stinking of it These smells That was the only minus why I did not like going to the canteen. Right now I hope I will have a fight And so Seryozha, in childhood, a dog bit me a small piece of my ear You see this part At school, I lost the phone that was returned to me two days later and I endure hate tomatoes You don't like tomatoes, you talked about an ear all that is so, but then mother told you you were a fool And it turned out to be untrue And the second is that your phone was stolen and returned in two days is a lie What is it that turns out to be a lie? No, well, like a dog didn’t bite you That lie a dog did not bite you So, in childhood, I was scared once so I did not have time to run to the toilet I tried to ride pigs in childhood, on little pigs When my grandfather just bought them, but I was afraid of them And until the seventh grade I was an excellent student You were an excellent pupil until the fourth grade.

It's a lie, the rest is true I really tried to ride pigs, but I was afraid of them and my brother was dissecting them like that I also wanted like him, but I was afraid that I would be bitten And so closing round Until I guessed once, I hope that right now I will even out, yes I first went to 10 months At school, I once fought with the grandmother of my classmate And I can’t eat soup without washing it with water Well You could beat your classmate’s grandmother easily In childhood I could even beat I don’t know who And what was the first? I first went to 10 months It’s true and about soup it’s true And so your answer is a lie …

About Grandma Not true About 10 months? About 10 months. Well, I went somewhere in the year I really fought with my classmate’s grandmother She threw this chair at me, and I threw it threw this diary, books She ran after me in the class I did something with her grandson there, I don’t remember either hit him, or something I don’t know on the head gave him She came so you, yes you, yes I I went to ballroom dancing It's true In three years, I turned the cake on myself All my childhood I made my sister dance and lose weight Just a moment Stopwatch please And I was dressed in a sundress and I was as if in a dress Well, here, as if nothing to be surprised Ballroom dancing is true Something tells me that you turned the cake on yourself, but not in three years I have some information about your relationship with your sister. You could make her dance Torment Torment.

About sister really Yes Yes! I really tortured my sister and told her: Lose weight! Dance! Do some dancing! And so the guys that we learned Seryozha was dressed in a sundress, he asked for Maxim's wheels he rode pigs, and after that he collected their teeth That's why in the game he played with his grandmother the dog didn’t gnaw his ear Although I’ve thought all my life that this is, well, look, well, really as if bit off. Well, how could one be born with this? Just marriage Well, friends, this is how the penultimate video of 2016 turned out We hope we cheer you up, you learned a lot about us this year They laughed. They laughed. It is most important On the 31st of the year, the final video for this year will be released on our channel so come in, be sure to look And so as not to miss subscribe to the channel and be sure to click on the bell so that you receive an alert on December 31 And we wish you delicious tangerines, snow on the outside and all, all the best.

Please do not forget about the comments, because we read them, we are pleased to re-read these comments. Write each other wishes for the New Year, exchange there congratulations, we will read and congratulate you too And be sure to like us If you learned a lot about us, support this video like Well friends on that Stay in touch! Smile! Bye! *music* .

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