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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you're new here. My name is penny I'm a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon And today we are going to be continuing our series on Micro needling and I'm really excited because we're going to be discussing Nano needling we have in previous videos discussed medical needling We've also discussed cosmetic needling and today we are down to nano needling and it is a fantastic Treatment and the really cool thing is I can confidently say you can do this at home now I do perform this treatment in office and I do use more aggressive for lack of a better word Treatments, you know before and after but with some great home products you can do this, too Nano needling is fantastic for brightening your skin tightening your skin infusing amazing antioxidants and hydrators, and it's also really great for helping with Pigment the other thing about nano needling is it works on the very outer layer of our epidermis our stratum corneum? and so it's kind of like micro needling is working on collagen and dermal stuff and cosmetic needling is working a little bit further into our Epidermis and nano addresses that very outer layer and makes it just glow and look really beautiful and hydrated so if you would like to learn a little bit more about nano what it means what it is how you can do it and If you would like to see a demo and get a clear protocol on how to nano then just stick around Okay, first of all, let's discuss what nano even means Nano needling is simply micro needling just using a different Cartridge.

So this is my professional pen and I can get nano cartridges for this pen. And that's how I Nano in office now. This pen is the pen that I use at home So I don't have to drag this one back and forth. Although I did today for this video, but this is a micro needling pen that I have placed a nano cartridge in now the difference between these two cartridges is This micro needle cartridge has actual needles that can penetrate to chosen depths this cartridge has a little square Let's focus. It has a little square and on that square. There are eighty one tiny little Silicon or surgical steel depending on the tip that you choose little a third of the size of a hair tips and What these two do this one for medical and cosmetic? Needling is going to penetrate anywhere from point 2 to point 3 if I'm doing cosmetic Needling or point 5 or deeper If I am doing medical needling for collagen induction therapy And this cartridge is simply going to work on that outermost layer that stratum corneum those little tiny Tiny little tips are going to separate the cells of our stratum corneum.

They're going to put the most microscopic Channel, so that anything that I have put on my skin can be infused much more effectively Now what's super cool about this is if you've watched my micro needling videos you know that I suggest that you don't use vitamin C when you Needle medically there is a risk of granulomas and I just think that it's not the best idea It's caution. Some people still do it. There are needling companies that promote Vitamin C with medical needling, but I'm not willing to risk the granulomas. Nano needling on the other hand is fantastic with vitamin C in fact vitamin C penetrates 97% better and works better with Nano namely because you've given it just the tiniest little channel to Penetrate the benefits of vitamin C of course are brightness even tone it helps with pigment.

It's an antioxidant so it really can help fight oxidative stresses and You guys it's just a really fantastic way to shore up the cell walls and improve the overall health of your skin. I Absolutely. Love nano needling with vitamin C also with higher ilanic acid. It's great with peptides It's just a fantastic way to get any of those things that you want to work really well in Just a little deeper just past That outer surface now. I want to give you a protocol so that if you choose to do this at home You get the most effective treatment? So I'm going to roll the demo and I'm going to talk you through a protocol first I exfoliate to prep the skin in office that might be a microdermabrasion a chemical peel and aqua shore Hydration, it could be derma planing or it could just be a manual exfoliant.

It depends on the client at home alpha Hydroxy acids are perfect. I like the Kakadu C pads because they are a haz and vitamin C This is just an added dose of the antioxidant I'm gonna list some alternatives I go in with sukiyaki tsukada because I want to infuse some of that urea as well You could cocktail in high rolana Cassatt to get some hydration and I definitely do that Sometimes I just love the sukiyaki tsukada I feel like penetrating and deeper is just a win-win so I start out by putting some Vitamin C in the palm of my hand. You do not need very much and I start on my forehead I insert the cartridge. It is sterile always even at home. I use a new cartridge every single time It's done on my forehead and I'm gonna work all the way to my collarbones now I go in a square pattern meaning I do Square inch sections.

I always set my pen between zero and point to five you Just do not need to dial the pen up any further than that. That's not the point of this treatment So once I've set my pen I start to do my grid I go Vertical then I go across horizontal and I go through that same square in little circles You might see some pink. Some of that is from the vitamin C Some of that is from the action of the Nano it absolutely does not hurt at all it kind of just feels like buzzing and I just go I like to go on this grid because I feel like I don't miss spots You can get right up to my lower lash line by just gently pulling down on the skin and Using the Nano pen over the ocular bone.

It's Gentle doesn't hurt. I don't press very hard. You can see that I am doing my cheeks and I work around my mouth It is just infusing that vitamin C right on into my skin and I keep placing more as I go Not using too much. You don't need too much. I like to do this at night so that I can go to bed And there's Frankie I can go to bed and let all of that vitamin C just do its magic overnight. I Put some sukiyaki Suhana on my lips and I nano right in to my lips It is awesome for nanoa in high or low neck acid I like to do a little bit of an essence or a Spray and then some AJ and then I will nano right into my lips such a good hydrating lip plumper Remember that nano needling uses the same oscillating action as micro needling but those microscopic cones are just 0.1 5 millimeters They just separate the cells of the outer epidermis Allowing these actives to be pushed in nano needling gives you immediate glow it gives you rejuvenation and it has zero downtime Okay, now I'm gonna start my neck guys this is such a fantastic treatment for your neck vitamin C is fantastic if you have redness due to sun damage and Vitamin C is one of the most powerful Antioxidants for anti aging when you use it with nano it can improve your sun damage your dark spots your freckling it boosts radiance I do love to cocktail that higher logic acid in this step But you can use the H a by itself or you can use the vitamin C by itself Like I am I love the vitamin C on the neck For helping with that quick Lauder methought redness that you can see that is from past sun damage, okay I hope that that demo and protocol is helpful I am going to list in the description box the Protocol just the steps so that you can see it.

It's very very simple Just remember you are going to cleanse your skin. You are going to exfoliate your skin in some manner at home Typically, you're looking at lactic acid glycolic acid a simple light exfoliation first is definitely kind of key to the best penetration and infusion of the products that you're going to beam a knowing in and always always always Wear sunscreen every single day. I do suggest that you nano at night I think it's the perfect time pick a night once a week when you do this and That way you can go to bed with all of those good things that you just nano infused into your skin still there You don't cover them up. You don't wash them away. Just go to bed and let that really do its magic overnight That's how I suggest you incorporate this into your routine This is something that I am doing on the nights of the week when I do my Kakadu C peel pad This is how I'm getting my vitamin C if you guys watched my last video on My routine right now for getting rid of the hyperpigmentation I am NOT using vitamin C everyday But I'm doing infusions and whether that is with my Obagi Ella sorbic acid 30% or my kakadu C I'm adding in this nano infusion once a week with those kakadu C and I am just so pleased With the brightness of my skin the tightness of my skin the luminosity it's helping with the hyperpigmentation It's a constant fight but I really really think that this is a fantastic treatment whether you decide If you live close to come see me or you decide to take this on at home it's totally a treatment that you can do at home and get great results so let me know if you Nano if you've gone and gotten a node and if it's something that you are thinking about trying if you guys have any questions You can always email me at pens in the skincare.

I'm happy to help if you're not following me on Instagram Please do it Spence myth skincare there as well. I hope that you have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you again Very very soon.

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