A Dermatologist Reviews Women’s Skincare Routines

now I got all over my hands some on my elbows yeah yeah hey I'm Bianca for me my main concerns are like uneven skin tone and then like hyperpigmentation and also hormonal breakouts which are so annoying when I was in high school I had really bad bumps on my forehead ever since then I've been trying to incorporate more mindful skincare routine when I get oily it causes small breakouts I just want to be able to control that so that my pores are tiny and cute it's not like the gaping black holes that I feel like they are here's the thing I don't really know if I'm doing it correctly I'm using a lot of Google a lot of bloggers a lot of YouTube things I just want to make sure that my skin is like in good condition and that I'm not messing it up hi I'm dr. Jessica Wu I'm a board-certified dermatologist author skincare formulator and skincare fanatic today I'll be reviewing some of the skincare routines of a few ladies here in the BuzzFeed offices and we'll see what they're using that's good and what needs to be tossed in the trash so let's see what these ladies are using here's my bag of stuff in the morning I cleanse with this Burt's Bees cleansing oil I'll tone with witch hazel I used this mad hippy vitamin C serum sunscreen and then at night if I like have on makeup or anything I'll use this to get it off and then I use this which is like a gentle cleanser on Sundays I use this it's a aah a peeling solution curious to see what the dermatologist thinks about this then I use rose hip oil after this capture clay mask I've got another clay mask over here with salicylic acid so confused I'm confused for spot treatments this solution from the ordinary so I just kind of dotted on if I have like a hormonal pimple or something last but not least a retinoid to be honest this is pretty light let's talk about skincare okay so let's try to pick through what you're using guys I'll tell you what's good and maybe what we should toss okay what I like is that you use this oil cleanser in the morning because from what you're saying your skin is sensitive you know it's good that you're not using something in the morning that's stripping your skin one active ingredient I really like for you is the retinol and I also like the combination of retinol and spoiling oh really good for people who have acne prone skin it does two things and it helps with breakouts okay and also helps with the discoloration only using it a couple nights a week okay just to when do you use the vitamin C product so I use the vitamin C every day okay every morning everyone yes fun to see lightens brightens and tighten all great things glad that you're using sunscreen and try to look for sunscreens that are SPF 30 burning above are you talking about hormonal breakdown as well and I'll get them like here common area is lower face hormonal breakouts come from hormone fluctuations that happened through our cycle the three acne Devils are dairy sugar and carbs so all those wonderful this is a spa treatment salicylic acid is really wonderful especially if you have those hormonal breakouts okay if you have a breakout that's starting to scab look for sulfur and look at ourselves look acid one thing that I would like to add to your routine maybe in the morning is something called niacinamide it's anti-inflammatory so helps to calm down any leftover blemishes and also I like that it helps with pigmentation so sunscreen that thing to niacin amide and try to stay away from heat protect your face okay okay and your neck anything you use on your face you should use on your neck moisturizer your antioxidant okay your sunscreen I'm never normally doing something right thank you so much I'm looking at your skin and I'm like oh you have goals skin like thank you just stick with me this is my big box of stuff I'm a morning shower so I will wash my face in the shower with skin laundry extra deep gel face washed rose sir toner skin laundry daily moisturizer what you can see is almost gone and that's just the morning at night when I get home from work I'm super oily at this point my makeups all over the place this pharmacy green clean melt away cleansing balm to get all of my makeup off and then I'll follow it with this gel face wash if I'm having a really bad skin Lee I'll throw in one of these acne clearing pads and then I'll spritz the rose elixir on again luna night oil from sunday riley it's a retinol and i really like it i wake up with bright skin I'll put this good genes on to follow it up finally if I'm feeling really dry I will do this glow recipe watermelon jelly sleep mask and that's it a lot of stuff you're young and you're really pretty skin so let's try to keep it that way and I see a lot that's really good a gel cleanser is great for people who have more oily skin because gels help to break up oil and they rinse off more clean but sometimes a gel cleanser might be a little too much I tell my patients when you get out of the shower you shouldn't feel stripped tight so that may be one thing we can adjust is to switch from a gel cleanser to a more milky cleanser the other thing that you're doing which I really really like is the retinol product I think retinol is your friend to help keep the pores unclog the other thing that I really like is you're doing the double cleanse I just get nervous that it's not getting everything off at nighttime this is a wonderful combination do you want to remove not just the makeup but also think of all the germs they get on your skin and pollution also settles on your skin's you want to make sure you do a deep cleansing at night one thing that I see is missing because you mentioned that sometimes your makeup slides off yes one way to avoid that is to look for a primer that's mattifying that contains zinc oxide rose elixir is a little too much or this rose elixir is wonderful concentrate the Rose elixir on the dry areas avoid your oily ur t-zone should I be getting regular facials I know people who swear by them facials are good if you have a lot of blackheads one thing to know about when you do get a facial if you have little broken capillaries on your face ask the facialist to turn down the temperature of the steam he is not your friend when it comes to skin I always just kind of grinned and bared it it's really hot but I thought you know they know what they're doing oh my god I'm so excited so what I use in the morning is this water-based cleanser Mario Badescu skincare witch hazel and rose water toner oh my god I love this one this is the real ferment micro essent this super goop everyday sunscreen I really hope that the dermatologists can like help me pronounce this but it's called a Matta gasps mad at cat so side cream what night I'll still stick with the cleanser and the toner but before the water-based cleanser I will use this oil based cleanser clavo but also I can get lazy so then I'll just sometimes use makeup remover wipes I use this fresh Umbreon clay purifying face exfoliant every Sunday I will go in with a sheet mask this one is a gold lifting mask so I'll do that after your toning but only at night and on Sundays and then I'll go in with my night moisturizer this is the ordinary natural moisturizing factors plus H a surface hydration formula lastly I'll use the Lana's lip sleeping mask and oh my god this feels so good I just remembered I also will sometimes use this retinol cream oh and then I also have these pimple patches oh my god bees are freaking amazing that's basically the whole routine let's start with your morning routine this moisturizer okay so how do you pronounce it Matic a so side Matic a so side cream strengthens your skin barrier and it also helps to keep your skin cells plump I also like that you're using a water-based cleanser I would use the toner only in the areas that feel a little oily so I like that you use sunscreen in the morning this one is 50 that one's SP 50 now when you go to SPFs over 50 and that means it's got a higher concentration of ingredients but then it can also be more likely to irritate tell me about your nighttime routine I will try to use this oil based cleanser it also smells really good which is why I like I try to smell it yes it smells like vanilla I really like that you're using the double cleanse method especially if you like to wear makeup if you're wearing that now I got all over my hands some on my elbows here yeah twice a week I will exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week is a good rule of thumb if you have normal skin but you don't want to cross that line you do too much then it irritates and gets flaky exfoliation is really good to help remove dead skin cells if there's dead skin cells on the surface the skin isn't reflecting light and then next I'll go in with the masks yeah and then there's like a card here that has all of the ingredients this gold one it's got antioxidants which is good antioxidants help to fight pollution car exhausts that break down collagen so that's good to use I'm exposed to that every single day is the other ingredients there's one here that has calendula it comes from the flower it's anti-inflammatory so all of these are good mass more recently I've been using this moisturizer I don't know what H a is H a stands for hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your skin it's what gives you plumpness definitely gonna keep using that I've been using this retinol cream is it good to use in the morning retinoids can make your skin a little more Sun sensitive so it on at night right before you go to bed and also it does help acne because it helps to unclog pores it pushes the dead skin cells off does more than an exfoliator and I just wouldn't use the retinol product on the same day as your exfoliator and then if I have any like really bad pimples I will use this acne pimple master package a huge fan of acne patches that you run out of those patches you can go to the drugstore and get waterproof bandages and cut your own patches Wow great hack I use a lip sleeping mask at night now the lip mask is wonderful at night or if you don't have a nice lip mask using an ointment around your lips will help your lips be more supple and look plumper in the morning that's basically it thank you so much I learned so much this is really insightful thank you for sharing you're off to a great start you

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