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Hey guys come on in! What do we find you doing here? Right now I'm prepping for fashion week and for me that means making something myself. I do love your projects. Can you talk me through your process? Where do you begin? For me it's all about finding the right inspiration so sometimes that's in magazines,
other times that on the street. All ideas that I want to recreate. Do you think this is what sets you apart from other bloggers? We're all about creativity and I do feel that's what draws people in. And if you weren't blogging what would
you be doing? I used to be a town planner but I think I'd be a vet. What are you most excited about in life right now? A range of products that we're launching. Am I the first to know? You might be! Tell me something about you that I'd
never expect.

I'm actually pretty clumsy. Okay, so it's fashion week and I'm dying to
see your outfit. Can you show me? Of course! So this is the top that you made. Is this your hero piece? It's actually one of the foundational piece. And then do you pair the rest of your outfit to match? Yeah. Today I've gone with silk and denim. How do you plan your outfit especially
when you're traveling so much? I like to choose neutrals and a few highlight colours. That sounds like a good packing tip! What are three things that you never
travel without? My camera, a straw hat and a healthy appetite. Flats or heels? Sandals. Kendall or Kylie? Chrissy Teigen? The best thing about Australia and Hong Kong? Bright sunshine and midnight dinners.

How does your skin feel when you're
traveling between the two? I actually often have to change my products because I feel like the pollution in
Hong Kong really affects it. That's because the pollution can
actually strip the skin's barrier meaning that nasties can get in
and moisture can get out which leads to dehydration in the skin. I've actually notice a lot of dehydration but then when I use a thicker cream my skin starts feeling a bit oily. So that's because dehydration actually
means that your skin is lacking water not oil, so it's really important to keep
your skin hydrated with water based ingredients like hyaluronic acid
and honey. Oh I see, interesting! I think that you're looking great so
what is your go-to foundation? I'm actually all about custom
mixing the perfect tone.

Best skin tip when in a hot destination? Definitely SPF. Actually hold that thought I'm just gonna get ready and I'll meet you upstairs. You have to make enviable Instagram feed. Top three tips to capturing a great shot? Shoot with friends so you can snap each other. Think about the lighting and when in
doubt jump in the photo yourself. Favorite photo editing app? VSCO. Short or long caption? Short. Hashtags, yes or no? No. One top tip for aspiring bloggers? Find what you love and get started. It's been so lovely chatting with you Geneva. Enjoy fashion week and we'll see you there..

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