DOUBLE CLEANSE met Dermalogica // Dermalogica & COSRX (NL)

a ring in her with which you learn okay everyone and welcome to my youtube channel thunderstorm and yes i am talking in dutch I've asked a little bit and I'm experimenting a bit I am improving myself so there is feedback welcome anyway today I will show myself for a moment yes I sometimes throw some English words because sometimes I don't know how must say in english so i have to switch a bit fast but different I don't really mind your talking at least I'm going to show that again with this sermon lens band dermalogica I got from them to try it out so a bit warm and as you can see there is a lot of shade I'm actually skating guys well anyway here are all my products applying with with two wreath I have the loki this moment your wishes of greatness I got from krucio to express I've been trying this for almost a month tried and I'm super happy with this product because it looks and feels whole fresh and my face is actually not there it feels very beautiful triced after i have tried this or emphasis and after I have done the double chat I always use I always one to wipe away the remaining remains because sometimes it still remains sometimes on your face and for today I use this one step prettiest cap on from crossref and I use it with my friend super nice this is very good for previous relationship so yes and I have a bowl of water with it I always have a lot of baby hairs so always have a hair engine before I start my look my skincare routine ok ok ok start here so this is the creek wish of van of dermalogica and what it says on the back thorough balm to cleanse pores for all skin conditions thoroughly removed water-proof makeup anyway your airport is and other folder is left 5 dogs artificial fragrance and dyes and parabens apply to on dry hands or on the cleaning glove massage product onto a dry face with circular movements add water to make them creamy and lucy massage and again in one rinse to complete your cleaning routine then continue with advice dermalogica second row not yet ok cluster should be this is the challenge glove used to use something like that for my face only I often notice that my face is a bit sensitive to it it actually gets quite big though I am very curious how this is so you can put your hands in this and use it together so the prick wish tree looks like this I am super there it goes well what I do today on my face i have sunscreen for my face on me concealer and a little foundation of maybelline push a curse on your scarf and yes my eyebrows some blush highlighter and that's about it yes a mascara of course but nothing special no water proof things or whatever ok so you do the dry figurines open smells very fresh super na just dry out or dry bit difficulty choir in it you know what I'm doing just do it first drying the dry says okay and if you massage the girl in your hands then it really becomes a soft oily stuff so ok I feel very soft Sure what's in it but I've heard an oil and cleanser with oil ingredients is very good to clean your skin thoroughly mainly sunscreen and water proof and I'm going to try this but then something more goes out difficult Mom will mirror very very nicely and I make sure I can get it delete also do not forget was important whether I am well with my MOT clean pores ok i must say not ok ok because i built it one hands on you probably wondering what I just isn't in the bathroom that is a lot has happened yes I wonder oh is so pretty much at least that channel is gone okay very nice and squeezes the geus super addictive i really think it's very busy places nice I think it looks very nice and I always clean my face in two steps which is actually very trendy now so first with all your makeup you do that with a rut of water or cleansing milk or like this with an oil beast cleanser and it is actually super nice because you skin it should also be a bit warm and it really feels like it is on your skin I am my brother but after I have done that I want to just the rest of my makeup and also say the oil freely and then I go continue to ahoy base cleanser and for today i use the loop you are you could also wish you from our series this is a walk of age cleanser that means that you normally have your laundry on your skin normally when you were face you were back to normal layer away from your skin which makes your skin come out pretty quickly dry under skin cleaned normally you do that with a show then bring that back into balance but because this super low is not really necessary and it runs super fresh it is hot botanical ingredients and it also feels very fresh to face that don't forget your neck is actually shock [Music] okay and what i actually let through the water on my i wipe cools down with a towel because that is exactly why you can say about drying out but you said for even more hydrated offers the water just load it up and if you find that take too long because I understand sometimes it takes great then especially in the morning then you can and hopefully use it because you have to wipe it off but then you think how long the water with your towel you may not become with you towel on your face and my skin you feel super soft okay and then finally to get rid of the remaining dirt I use this one step best of cross rocks and also just to test if it now have everything properly removed two sides in side with one with bubbles on it and the other side is normal completely smooth and this nice flow it is also a light exfoliation you say that exfoliating in english will remove this the by the skin cells of your skin so I first use the bubble coated but I'm just using it every day because it's just really light sensitivity things but some spiciness but not so much extension chain that it by no means but what the heck it is to have a clean women two side and used super step and so I worry my face to you say code of one thing because yes first I use cleanser to remove my makeup than a warm beast cleanser and then another toner face cools super nicest list and hydrated to my batteries are low so I'm going to shutdown here thank you for looking i hope this is a bit real on next times and if you are interested in my whole stink and tina leave it let me know and yes enjoy your day [Music]

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