Here’s Why That Charcoal Mask Trend You’re Seeing Everywhere Could Mess Up Your Skin

so we're gonna talk a little bit about charcoal powder I am a big fan of it because it really is a good detoxifier it's great for your pores however the beauty trend has been making charcoal masks with glue and we have a b-roll of this actually so people are putting the glue and charcoal on their face or waiting for it to dry and then they're chilling and rocking up feeling yeah well they're peeling it off and mixing it with a clue but it's the same stuff that's in wallpaper adhesive as well as acetone which is a nail polish remover so that's the kind of stuff that you don't want to put on my baby yeah well they think the thought is that it pulls off blackheads and pulls out the pores but what ends up happening is the glue gets stuck in your pores first of all and second of all you don't want acetone on your face ultimately you end up with more blemishes redness rashes dry skin right yes but I have a solution for you we do have a do-it-yourself option okay so you take a couple teaspoons on the charcoal then sea salt which is a great natural exfoliator and then rosewater this is one of my favorite things I'm really hydrating I love the smell of it and then you mix this up and you have your charcoal exfoliator you want to use this once or twice a week on your face and then you wash it off before you go scaring your dog do you want to let it sit for about five minutes or so until it's dry yep and then you wash it off twice a week you're golden this looks like it's a lot more affordable

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