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It's Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie So today has been a full day of makeup And I gotta do the works to really make sure I get my skin really clean. So I hope the girl are ready because the skincare routine is really thorough, okay? Because good skin is good health, ladies and gentlemen The first thing we have to so is get the get the wig out of the way 'cause she is a wig veteran, thank you very much.

Let's take the robe and get her out of the way too. My routine is very thorough I never skip steps and I don't sleep with makeup Those of you guys sleeping with make up I'm calling your grandmothers and snitching on all of you. Stop doing that. So the first thing I like to do I'm wearing falsies. If you're ripping off your lashes and going on about your business I'm totally judging you and you're probably bald headed. So stop doing that as well. A safe way to remove my falsies without ripping off my lashes. I'm a little bit of a lash snob, I have to admit. I take some cleansing water. I take a q-tip soaked in cleansing water. And I just rub it right at the lash line to loosen up that glue.

That way you don't have to rip them off. However long it takes to get me to just unwind and do it the right way so it's not sloppy and halfway done I do it. So after you've done this, your lashes should pretty much come off pretty easily If it's still resistant, it's not enough water. Next step, is pre-cleanse. I'm a HUGE fan of pre-cleansing. Basically what that means is instead of going in with the face wash you like prep your skin for the face wash first, okay? So, you can use like a cleansing balm. You can use a make up wipe. I actually have been using a cleansing oil.

Oil for oil is actually really good. It's not pore clogging at all. The one that I'm using is from Clinique. I have a few that I kind of rotate between but I really like this one. And basically what its doing is breaking up all the make up cause guess what face wash does not get paid overtime so you can't just rely on the face wash alone, okay? You gotta prep your skin. Give it some back up- Some back up dancers. You feel me, you can't just go straight in and expect your face to be flawless. It's not gonna work. Also don't skip the hairline. This is wear a lot of people get pimples unexpectedly because they didn't thoroughly clean around their face. This rinses right off so we're just going to go straight into the sink And rinse. I like a gel based face wash because, again, acne prone oily skin.

It's very gentle. I love this one from Dermalogica. It gets a nice lather. And it's gentle on the skin. It doesn't make me break out And again, really make sure you get around that hairline and your nose and eyes and then I would give you a little cue transition to the next step but I can't open my eyes so we're just going to rinse it off. Now I'm just going to pat my face a little bit dry but guess what, you wanna see something? Look at that, look at that. Face cloth just snitched on you. Look at all that extra make up that's still there. So we are going to go back to the cleansing water from Simple. We're going to find any extra traces. Usually its like around the hairline.

And I'll usually go through like two or three of these depending on how rough my day was. You know what I mean? Pimples do not pay rent, girl. You gotta go. I try to get off all the make up. Every single trace of it. And you just want to do this until the cotton pad is white so you see that all the make up is gone. Now, I like to exfoliate and I'm doing an experiment this month where I don't use actual physical scrubs. I'm using chemical scrubs this month. One that I really like is another one form Dermalogica. The Daily Microfoliant.

My theory with physical scrubs is I feel like a lot of them are a little too harsh for darker skin and I get hyper pigmentation and scarring and I don't want to do anything Too too harsh to my skin so. I feel like if we're going to banish the scars at a molecular level less fools with that you know like, the physical scrubs I feel like are just a little too harsh.

It almost feels like a little mini facial. And then you rinse that off. So I have to dry off my face with my clean rag. Or actually, you know what, truthfully I'm in a hotel so these are all clean and fresh but I prefer to use a paper towel. No bacteria. Don't reuse your wash rags. it's not cute okay. So now we're going to tone. I love the Deep Hydrating Rose toner from Fresh It's so good. It smells good. It's so hydrating and it's amazing.

We've got to put all that moisture back in the skin. And I love this toner. And how I apply it, honestly depends on what the directions say. Some toners that I use, they tell you not to sweep it on Lotion P-50 is a big favorite of mine but it's an exfoliating toner so I don't use it every day. Application varies from product to product. We're not done yet, not even close, okay? Something that I've been trying and loving is the whole like ten step Korean skincare thing hence why I go through a lot of steps and one product that I've recently been implementing into my skincare routine are essences. Essences are kind of different from toners. You kind of think they do the same thing, but they kind of don't. They don't balance the Ph the way that toners do They kind of do a little bit more nourishing and hydrating and essences when used with other products on top will basically enhance whatever you put over it.

So because I'm bougie, because I'm extra I'm going to take my SKII essence, It's a little on the pricey side, just a little bit expensive but I really like it and its very gentle This you can apply with your hands. You just press it into the skin with like two or three drops. And it's super lightweight and Hydrating Okay, next step Okay next, I'm going to apply about 50 million serums and I'm going to do a mask just because I'm bougie. The first serum, I'm going to use is actually from my esthetician.

You guys are going to love her if you live in LA I would highly recommend her. Her name is Fenya and she has her own line of products called Guidance to Glow. They're medical grade, so you know they're going to work and they're again a little on the pricier side but I'm big on like stiff that works so if it works, sign me up. I want three or four of them. So the first thing I usually go in for is hyaluronic acid. I love hyaluronic acid. If you have oily or combination skin.

It's going to be your best friend. Squad goals, hyaluronic acid, get you some. So first, I'm going to take her serum which is actually a copper complex peptide. It's almost like it enhances the hyaluronic acid. It makes it like more potent. And when I tell you this stuff is a game changer, I'm dead serious. And just for ease of application, I'm just going to do One Drop Two drop Three drop Maybe one more.

And then I spread it out first all over my face And then I pat it in. We're trying to get our money's worth so you better push that in there, girl. You know, oily skin is actually starving skin so stop depriving your skin of what it's owed in life, okay? Stop skipping moisturizer. Stop skipping oil. Don't be afraid of oil. And definitely don't be afraid of serums. You're going to love hyaluronic acid, it's so good. It's called the Ultimate Growth Factor Serum and to be honest, I don't even know what the hell it does, okay? My esthetician just tells me to use it and I do and its expensive but I don't care! I get compliments on my skin so as long as its doing something Make it fun, make it therapeutic. You like, skin care is like self care. Enjoy! Spread and then pat. Your skin sucks them right in. Now for the ultimate bougie and extra routine, You gotta throw in a mask. I've been loving these ones from Neutrogena.

They're inexpensive. They're hydrating and moisturizing and you can just throw them on and go. So this can be a little scary. I would not advise you to do activities such as checking the mail. So I'm just going to put this bad boy on. as it slides around into my mouth. Just a little minerals. So you just keep this on. It says five to thirty minute but this is just like a really wide time frame, it just depends on how much time you got. And they just feel really nice especially in the summer when it's hot. Ooh, pro tip. Put them in the fridge. They feel so good and I feel like they work a little bit better but they kind of don't. So you just put this on, wait five minutes Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie You know, mind your business. Get yourself some coffee. Jacki Jacki- This makes it work more. Jackie Jackie Jackie Wait a minute. Hold up, give me my money's worth You can go in the package and get all this extra serum out.

This is a serum, you guys. Get your money's worth. Yes, Neutrogena, come through. And you're good to go. Just go a head and take it off. Sheet masks are not rinsed off, it's a serum. So you want to pat all that extra residue, if you will, into your skin. And it's going to feel so nice and so hydrated. You could even sometimes rub the extra on your hands. Nice soft hands 'cause look let me tell you something, my mom taught me you can always clock a woman's age by looking at her hands and her neck so make sure you get that extra I feel great, but I'm kind of like a nine out of ten and we're trying to get to a twelve so let's move on to eye cream. We're going to go back to one of my favorite brands Fresh They're Rose Hydrating Gel Eyecream. So good! You don't need very much eye cream.

You're just going to take a little bit and just dot it right underneath the eye. And be very gentle. The under eye area is the most delicate part of the face so just be super gentle Don't rub, don't tug, just pat. Be nice to her. I know you're probably thinking, "Dang!" "Can you hurry up and finish?" I'm done now, I'm just going to add my moisturizer. That's the last thing you gotta do. No more ashiness in 2018, I'm judging you. You can use any moisturizer that you like but this one is actually a newer one I'm trying, also from Fresh What I do for my last step actually varies on like where I'm going, what I'm doing.

I love this stuff, it's lightweight and to be honest like this last step I kind of rotate depending on like what day it is or I don't know, what stage of life I'm in I'm done! That's it! Thanks for hanging out and I hope to see you soon! Bye!.

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