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Hello everyone, it’s Emmi here! Today we’ll talk about a very interesting topic A “magical” ingredient, which is said to solve most of skin problems like acne, large pores, dark circle eyes, uneven skin tones and wrinkles, sound like all skin problems one can have, right? Despite its great benefits, lots of people are afraid of using this ingredient because this is a “strongly influential” chemical and may possibly irritate your skin It’s Retinol, another form of Vitamin A In this video, to help you guys have more information of which products are effective and notices of using them, I’ll review 7 Retinol-included products that I have tried then felt really fulfilled So, watch out! And don’t forget to subscribe Happy Skin channel before we start.

Now let’s get it started The first product to be reviewed is Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment I have to say that because this is a very easy-to-use product, I want to share it with you first Additionally, you can buy this mini size with only 5ml for trial to save money in case it doesn’t work for you Talking about ingredients, Paula’s Choice is one of the brands that put careful consideration in what ingredients their products should have If you only read the ingredient list, you would love all Paula’s Choice products As all you need for your skin are here For example, in this, addition to Retinol, there are two potent antioxidants enriching collagen which help your skin to appear more youthful and reduce bruise Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 Furthermore, there are potent antioxidants like Vitamin C (even stronger than Retinol) And Vitamin E, also known as tocopheryl acetate Besides, there are many other ingredients that improve skin hydration and work as drying agents Like Ceramide and hydrated soy protein Or desiccant like Glycerin, Butylene Glycol and Caprylyl Glycol Finally, there are a bunch of substances to calm skin such as licorice extract (not only to calm skin but lots of other great benefits) Licorice extract’s benefits are not only to calm skin but lots of other great ones And Allatoin, too Hearing of ingredients is great, right? Maybe you still consider its effect on your skin.

As I’ve said before, I think this is one the very easy-to-use products that are suitable for all skin types We can see from the ingredient list that there are lots of moisturizing agents, calming agents, antioxidants So when applied on skin, even 1% Retinol is still great to me, my skin is not too dry Somebody might say one of Retinol’s advantage is to reduce oil on your face But particularly, with this product, that effect shouldn’t be expected at all However, for those who are afraid of iritiation, this is a suitable product, your skin won’t be too dry after using it This is not a product that has instant effects on skin after first use Rather, everyday after use it, I feel comfortable and after 1 week of using it,I feel like my skin look better This is in cream form, there’s no synthetic ordor so it smells a little pungent, but it’s acceptable The seccond product to be reviewed, especially for people with oil skin and want to reduce it is Obagi Retinol 1% It’s also 1% Retinol, like many other products that I used, but its effect is super greater compared to others That’s the reason why I think it’s specially for oil skin and healthy skin Addition to 1% Retinol, in this product, there are moisturizing and calming agents like Sodium Hyaluronate, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil,Sage Leaf Extract Using this product brings me instant effect as my skin become more elastic after a few uses One interesting thing is that it helps to reduce oil on face significantly That’s the reason why I advise you to use this product 1-2 times per week, 3 times/week for too oil skin, not daily In fact, Obagi has lower level of Retinol (0,5%) products, so for beginners and sensitive skin, I recommend 0,5% instead Then gradually increase the level of Retinol for further uses One disadvantage of this is the “date” on the tube can only stay clear for a very short time So capture the “date” before using it fades away The next one is supper hot, it’s Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion 1,5% Actually, I’ve used so many products of this brand before, like many recognized face masks, Vitamin C product (20% Vitamic C one is really good) Besides, I also used anti-aging products of this brand, which are incredible I like all the Un-Wrinkle products from this brand, especially Un-Wrinkle Cream and After that.

I tried using Retinol Fusion At that time. I was extremely keen on this product when using in winter My bad, Saigon has no winter at all I mean in dry weather when humidity is low and the temperature is lower than normal Imagine at that weather condition, using Retinol would probably make your skin too dry and elastic even lead to irritation But at the time, I still decided to give it a try, and…amazing, my skin was not dry at all In contrast, after a very short time, my skin looked soothing, elastic, fresh and youthful Unlike those products before, its level of Retinol is higher – 1,5%,but it still gets on with your skin Because with this product, Retinol is mixed with squalane so it feels like oil And it’s really like oil when applied on skin, a little shiny and the moisture-lock ability is extremely good Moreover, when Retinol is mixed with squalane or oil, it will be released more slowly, therefore less irritate your skin In the ingredients list, there is a volatile silicon-root substance, so your skin won’t feel thick, stuffy or irritated Actually, I did make many video clips to defend Silicon from its harm to skin that everyone has thought of Especially, there are many different types of Silicon, so only if your skin was not cleaned carefully Or you were allergic to Silicon, you should consider it Like Paula’s Choice, addition to Retinol, it includes Vitamin C and Vitamin E, too Generally speaking, I’m truly fulfilled and happy with this product And, if you have dry (or normal) skin type, or use Retinol in dry and cold weather, this one is an ideal choice If you have oily (or combination) skin type, I think you should only buy the small size 12ml one Because you’ll probably use it in a certain season per year Like me, I first bought this one, and stored in a wardrobe, then use it in cold weather only, and very irregularly Another product with very high price (even higher than Peter Thomas Roth’s one) It’s Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (Retinol included), and it costs up to 105$/30ml This one is a mixture of oil and Retinol so the composition is quite like Peter Thomas Roth And is totally different from the the first 2 products I have reviewed It includes Avocado Oil, Grape Oil, Raspberries Oil, and Chia Seed Oil The main ingredient of this one is Hydroxipinacolone Retinoate This substance is introduced as a modern Retinol, which is better than the normal one For example, normal Retinol has to undergo transformation to Retinoic Acid to have effect on skin But with Trans-retinol ester, without any transformation, the effect still goes on Therefore, Hydroxipinacolone Retinoate is said to minimize all the side effects of Vitamin A Like dry skin, sloughing skin, redness, irritation Additionally, one bottle includes 4 different types of daisy oil extract which help to prevent inflammation, calm your skin, and deliver comfortable ordor I just use it at night, 2-3 times per week, and in hot weather like this, after the serum step, I use oil only If your skin is extremely dry, you can use lotion in addition This one…sorry, no drop left, I can’t show you anything It looks greeny, incredibly and beautifully, however, when applied on skin, there’s no green at all The only thing I really hate is its smell In general, I can’t stand the smell, it’s like fish oil.

I have to try hard every time using it, for the pretty skin How about its effect? At first, I read others’ review of magical change of skin after the 1st time using it at night So I was super excited about using it so after the 1st time using it, in the later morning, I’m a little disappointed Because it was not that magical, my skin was just moistened, smoother, more shiny However, it was just like other products that I have used After 1 weeks of patiently using it, I began to see the change of my skin to be more even in colour, smoother Pores were also smaller After 2 months of continuously using it, I saw that my skin was glowy and more elastic But the wrinkle and smile lines didn’t improve at all Generally, with someone who can afford it and like products mixed with oil, squalane And has good moisturizing ability, this a worthy choice But I must say you have to wait for the effects, unlike the first 2 products I have reviewed, which bring you instant effects The next one is also costly, it’s SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream Actually, I used it a long time ago, and I threw it away without thinking of keeping the tube to show you today So you can see it there instead In addition to 1% Retinol, there are Bisabolol (daisy extract) helping to calm your skin and common moisturizing agents such as Glycerin, Shea Butter You can see that products including Retinol always have other moisturizing and calming-skin ingredients However, depend on concentration and composition, different products have different moisturizing and calming effects Honestly, it is not my favourite product due to the very high price And it’s not like what the brand has claimed, not minimize the appearance of pore size, correct blemishes And not diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, too After 2 months of regularly using it, 3 times a week, skin tone and wrinkles are improved clearly However, that’s all it can do, so I think it’s okay to buy and use it, but it’s too costly The next product that I have used for a very long time nut ended up throwing it away, too It’s RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream Eye cream seems to be a uselessness, repeatedly use it but no effects detected Up to now, beside RoC Correxion Eye Cream, I see there are only a few intense products that work on wrinkles and dark eye circle They’re Wrinkle Eraser of SK II and Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate, but sadly it was discontinued But it truly works on wrinkles and smile lines Speaking of eyes products, you should notice that beside the ability to solve eyes problems They should also have nourishing ability, because the skin under eyes are rarely oily If the skin under eyes are dry, it will make the wrinkles clearer That’s the reason why I think using RoC can add balance between enough concentration for effects on bruise and tiny pimples and good moisturizing ability With popular moisturizing ingredients like Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid I advise you guys who have eyes skin problems that you should buy and try it for real effect If you can’t find and buy it anywhere, you can use eyes serum, then use eye cream Don’t worry about acne rise in this area, just nourish it because it’s very dry The last product is very popular, it’s Retin-A Cream including 0.05% Tretinoin Tretinoin is another form of Vitamin A, 20 times stronger than Retinol Retinol is 20 times stronger than Retinyl Palmitate Therefore, in spite of the number of 0.05%, it’s really intense.

If you use in on acne, after 3-4 days of using, acne will be dried, skin will be sloughed off, extremely dry If applying it on the whole face, after 2 weeks, you will see will look brighter, smoother But it’s really dry, so if you want to buy and use this product because of cheap price and quick effect You have to focus on moisturizing later 3 things I want to point out when using Retinol, first, get used to it by starting with low concentration Second, put effort into protect you skin from the sun, because this will remove death cell hence make your skin easier to get sunburn Third, if you have thin and sensitive skin, instead of using Retinol as a first step, Following Leslie Baumann’s instruction in her book, use Retinol as a final step, its effectiveness might be less But the likelihood to get irritation is less, too Have you used any effective Retinol-included products? Please let me and Happy Skin and others know by commenting below I’m thinking of the topic for the next video, so comment to suggest anything you want See you later in the next videos, bye bye!

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