Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel
it's Zhenia. Today we're going to talk about something
that's been on everybody's mind this week and it's what to buy during Sephora beauty
insider sale. Because this channel is about skincare we're
going to talk about what skincare to buy during Sephora beauty insider sale. I'm going to include both newer skincare products,
and also those proven skincare products that's been out for a while, but people still use
them people still love them. I have a lot of skincare at home and I have
all the high tech tools that you can possibly imagine. So I could open my own little Sephora. Gotta take care of your skin, right? Let’s do unboxing first, and again I just
got a few items.

First item that I purchased is this sun safety
kit. And this is really really really awesome. These kits sell like crazy every year. And I feel like this year this kit is more
awesome than any other year before, so let's see what's in it. Biossance Squalane Zinc and this one I'm most
excited about because it's physical sunscreen but it's supposed to be completely clear on
the skin without white cast. And then it has a little drunk elephant. This one I already tried, I talk about in
my video about sunscreen. Super goop unseen sunscreen This is a chemical
sunscreen also doubles as a primer. This one is super super popular, but I prefer
physical sunscreens so let's see what else is here.

You can say hi to my pug Coola mineral sunscreen
actually those are super popular but i’ve never tried one so I'm excited for that one
as well. Whoo, Doctor Dennis Gross. This one is so good. So, it's a physical sunscreen and it also
has vitamin C, so it's gonna contribute to that brightening effect. Then there's supergroup play everyday sunscreen. This is also a chemical sunscreen, but a different
one and Supergoop has so many different sunscreens.

REN. That's the one I use right now. I really like it. And because it's a little thicker, you don't
need to use a lot so you know it's nice to have another one. I don't mind it. And Dermalogica SPF 50 never tried it, excited
to try it. It doesn’t say on the packaging if it's
physical or chemical, I'll research it later. A little Shiseido. This brand is really good. Lancôme. This one looks really tiny, but I'll try it. This is a second one that I was excited to
try this is weightless sunscreen by First aid beauty. So if you like this year, they came up with
so many good products. I've been really enjoying them, and they also
reformulated their barrier moisturizer and the new formula is super super amazing, I
really love the ingredients. Shiseido. It's a mix of physical and chemical sunscreen. It's been also one of my favorite sunscreens
so far. Tom has vitamin D pills. So if you don't like going in the sun, you
want to make sure you get your vitamin D here as a supplement to try.

This is Kate Somerville Ceramides I'm talking
about this serum in my very first video, how to take care of your skin in quarantine. And it's really really repairing your skin
barrier, because when you go on the sun your skin barrier can get damaged. No wonder they put it in a kit, and I feel
like it's one of the most underrated products at Sephora. It's so amazing, but I don't feel like enough
people are using this one so if you get a sun kit, this one, you're gonna really enjoy. And finally, this nice little bag. I really like the color. It's really soft, very stretchy. So I'm gonna put everything back. So I got the milk makeup hydrating gloss with
cannabis oil. And first of all, it was on sale, so you’re
getting sale on sale. But I got it because this is the best thing
that works after I do the micro needling on my lips. This is a very soothing lip balm to put afterwards.

And I haven't found anything that works better
than this one after the microneedling that's all I got so far, again the sale is still
going, and I'm sure there will be other items I'm gonna be purchasing. Now let's move on because I saw a lot of posts
in Facebook skincare groups that ask about what moisturizer to buy what cleanser to buy
what retinol to buy so I'm just going to show you a couple of products as options. So let's get to it. So first let's talk about makeup removers,
a lot of you are double cleansing right now. And I think it's the best way to remove makeup
and sunscreen but I personally have super sensitive eyes when I use cleansing balm. All of them leave that oily film on my eyes,
I need to use something that rinses off completely to that clean finish.

And before I used to use cleansing oils, but
I feel like problem was cleansing oils, I didn't like the texture was so thin. So I was thinking, it wouldn't be great if
you could have the balm that then rinses off to a clean finish. And actually, now there are a couple of products
like that around Perfect Canvas clean jelly. So I'm going to show you on my hand. So when you apply it.

It has a consistency of a balm. So you massage it into your skin. And it's going to melt off all your makeup. So again you can see it resembles your balm. But then when you add water, it turns into
the milky consistency. It washes off to a completely clean finish,
and the End result is super super smooth hydrated skin. Next stop, let's talk about some face cleansers. A lot of people with combination to oily skin
have been loving this one Youth to their people kale and spinach cleanser, and when Sephoras
were open a lot of the times this cleanser was sold out. So I definitely like this one it's super refreshing
and has a lot of antioxidants. it’s a clean at Sephora brand. So definitely check it out if you haven't
tried it yet. If you have dry skin, or if you use a lot
of makeup but you need something at the end of the night to melt it off this one. It smells like freshly squeezed oranges it's
so amazing.

So this one, unbelievable cleanser. If you like exfoliating cleansers, then there's
one that's really amazing and again it's been sold out so many times in the stores, fresh
sugar strawberry exfoliating wash. It's super super gentle but after you cleanse
your skin with it it makes it baby smooth. It's so unbelievable, and because it has strawberry
enzymes, you can even leave it for a few seconds on your skin before and rinsing it off. And so you can use it once a day, or if you're
like me a little bit more sensitive than I would use it a couple of times a week two,
three times a week but people with normal skin, who are not sensitive can use it once
a day. Now, if you like face mists watermelon one
by glow recipe is super super popular Tatcha dewy skin mist.

This one is like everybody's obsessed with
it. I actually like using this one at night to
lock in my skincare. They say that mists don't lock in the skincare
but for me this one actually, I feel like it locks everything in, you can spray it on
top of your makeup you can use it in place of your toner. The second step after your cleanser, so use
it however is right for you. This is so hydrating It's unbelievable. I really like this one. And one more face mist that I think is a little
bit overlooked is Murad prebiotic, so it just feeds good bacteria on your skin. Super balancing super gentle so if you want
to try something different, definitely check it out again I don't feel like this product
gets enough attention as it should.

I didn't prepare any toners to show you, because
I normally don't get super excited about the toners, but I do like the essences Fresh kombucha
has been my holy grail. It's so so hydrating so smoothing. I do feel like my serums absorb better. So I'm just gonna show you, and gives you
super nice dewy look too. It's nice to put stuff on your hands too,
to keep them young. I'm a huge, huge fan of face serums, I love
face serums. I feel like that is the product that makes
the most difference in your skin. So I'm going to show you, probably more serums
than any other products. A lot of people in Facebook groups have been
asking about retinols which one to try and for me it's between these two.

And there are things that I like about both
of them. So I'm gonna address the difference so Sunday
A plus. What I found with this retinol… It was so gentle, I could put it on every
day. I didn't need to stop using it, and it has
so many hydrating and repairing ingredients together with retinol. It has retinol, retinol ester. So, it has different types of retinol, but
with Sunday Riley I feel that their products are so so gentle for me to use retinol everyday
without irritation was really amazing, because this one is coming to an end. Now, I had to start using a different retinol. So now, I'm using the Drunk elephant retinol. And this one is 1% retinol. It definitely feels stronger than other retinols
that I've tried, I mix this product with the B Hydra that comes in the package together
with this product. What I like about this one. It also has niacinamide. So, you’re getting niacinamide and retinol
in one formula. So I feel like you don't need to add a lot
of other active ingredients if you’re using this one, and it has also a lot of hydration
and repairing ingredients so when you look at the ingredient list.

This one is really impressive. Definitely would recommend, but again if you're
just starting out, I would start with Sunday Riley first and work your way up to this one. A lot of people are struggling with hyperpigmentation,
lines and wrinkles, but some people cannot use retinol. So whether you want to brighten your skin
or whether you want to fight lines and wrinkles, you can use vitamin C serums. And there's one serum that I feel like it's
popular but it's still not getting enough attention. It's the Kiehl's line reducing vitamin C.
It’s good for brightening and anti aging. Another good brightening serum that’s good
even for sensitive skin. It's Caudalie, and they a have very unique
ingredient that comes from grapes called Vinopherine and Vinopherine according to Caudalie studies,
it's been proven to be more effective than vitamin C, and because it's has grapes it's
been also soothing so if you have both acne prone skin, and you have dark spots.

This one is a good serum for you. It won't make you break out, it will actually
soothe your skin and will heal those blemishes, so I do feel like it has a little bit of age
and benefits too, probably because of all the antioxidants that's in it. And now let's talk about moisturizers. moisturizers is such an abundant category. There are so many options at Sephora.

I feel like moisturizer is so personal everybody
likes different look. It's not always about the ingredients, it's
more about the texture, and like the finish the moisturizer has on your skin plays a huge
role in whether you're going to like the moisturizer or not. So if you go from the lightest to the thickest,
people with oily skin prefer lighter moisturizers. Some of the lighter options are Tatcha water
cream, that one is super popular and Origins, if you want that completely matte finish this
as your best friend, so this moisturizer leaves you just completely matte, but it's not drying
on your skin, and the smell of this is amazing. It's very herbal. If you like light consistency, but you still
want a very dewy look, and also you want to improve your texture and brighten your skin.

Sunday Riley. This is amazing again super lightweight but
very dewy moisturizer. Next one is Protini by Drunk elephant. This has been a lot of people favorite from
day one, it have super light consistency but it's very hydrating it's packed with peptides. peptides really help you hold motion your
skin. According to some sources that have an agent
benefits too. So, really, really amazing.

So now if you like there are Protini but you
want something just tiny bit thicker. The youth preserve by Fresh. So this is for people with like dry combo
skin, who still want that lighter texture but they want, like more hydration. If you want a lot of hydration for dry skin. Lala retro. And the reason I like this one, it has six
rare African oils, and it has ceramides and ceramides is one of my favorite ingredients
it really locks the moisture in your skin, it repairs your skin barrier so excellent
for dry skin, or if you have oily skin you can use it at night. So technically for all skin types, but even
better for dry skin. Well there's one moisturizer that I don't
own, but I really need to buy it, it's Sephora Three oil nourishing moisturizer. It's really amazing, it's really hydrating
and it's super affordable, and now let's talk about the masks, so there's masks that you
wash off and there's the mask that you leave on overnight.

So for the wash off mask the summer Fridays
jetlag has been a lot of people's favorite, it's super hydrating it also has Vitamin C.
It boosts the brightness and hydration in your skin. But if you want something for the pores, or
brightening, or exfoliating and actually have one product that does all three. It's Glam glow flashmud brightening treatment. It instantly boosts that glow and brightness
to your skin. It really helps you with the pores, it does
have salicylic acid for the pores, so try this one out. It's so amazing. If you're like me and you like leaving your
masks on at night, there’s the F bomb electrolyte facial by Drunk elephant, it's packed with
so many humectants. So it's really really gonna attract a lot
of moisture to your skin, leave it overnight, you can use it by itself or you can use it
on top of your skincare, another one for the most sensitive skin, or if you need to restore
your moisture barrier, or if you like overdid a little bit of chemical exfoliation then
this Arnica mask by First Aid Beauty will save your skin.

Another great option if you have dry skin
try this Youth to the people super berry hydrating mask. This one is more creamy consistency. You can use it by itself, with this consistency
you don't have to put anything else on as far as the eye cream goes, I like this Biossance
Squalane algae eye cream. This is really good for hydration and anti
aging. So this product has a category of its own. In by tatcha. It's called serum stick. So, this is like a multitasking product. It can be used as your serum, you can put
it even on top of your serum as your moisturizer because it has 80% Squalane so it actually
has those lipids that will lock the moisture in.

So let's say you're using that humectants
serum with hyaluronic acid or with peptide, you can put it on top to lock it in, and leave
it overnight you can wear this product any time. I also like using it as my primer under my
makeup, so it holds your makeup very well and it gives you that nice dewy look. And speaking of dewy… This one by Sephora collection. Let's say you have a dry skin type. And no matter what you do, you cannot get
that glow. So when you put this one on it will give you
a really insane glow.

So let's check it out. Wow, my hand is glowing. And now let's talk about some facial tools,
because I know some of you are considering them as well. One of the most popular is still Clarisonic,
to this day, there's a lot of other things on the market but Clarisonic still in the
lead. They're still really popular. So they actually changed the design, they
improve their technology, they improved their brushes so now they are a little bit more
sparse, and they have some silicone parts so they don't grow bacteria as quickly as
the older thicker brushes, so there's daily cleanse, gentle cleanse, and the smart mode,
it also has a Bluetooth you can connect it to phone so up to this day, I haven't tried
the Bluetooth attachment.

I don't know what this mode is about, but
I just like keeping things simple, and I think that people who are going to use it the most…
it’s really good for people who love using it a lot of makeup, because as you know when
you’re removing your makeup. You already did your double cleanse and then
you go over with the toner and then you still see a lot of things coming off of your skin.

So you still see a lot of makeup remaining
in your skin, even if you double cleanse, if you're concerned with congested pores,
if you feel like your cleanser is not working enough, but you don't want to use a harsh
cleanser then this brush will definitely help you deeper clean your pores and it gives you
a super super gentle exfoliation. So for example if you are using Tretinoin,
and it makes you super flaky. This brush will help you get rid of those
flakes, in a very gentle manner, it's gentle enough to use everyday but there's also brushes
for more sensitive skin so always go by your skin type. And always, look what other things you're
using in your routine, I used to use this brush more but now I'm using it less because
I have so many other things in my routine that can potentially be harmful to my skin
barrier so I'm just being cautious.

And that brings me to the last part of the
video where we're gonna talk about my favorite micro needling tool that is sold at Sephora,
so I've been using glopro for six months now. So the reason why I picked this one because
I was debating do I wanna get a red light device, one of those led masks, or if I wanted
to get a micro needling device, I couldn't choose one and then one of my friends Nubia
told me why don't you try GloPro, it has both: it has the red light, and it has a micro needling.

So that's why I went with this one. I was worried that it's gonna hurt, it doesn't
hurt at all, but you just want to be gentle. And you want to make sure to lift it up before
you get to the new section. So the needles on this are 0.3 millimeters. So, I see a lot of comments that are saying
that in order to be effective, you need to get 0.5 millimeter needless order to affect
the dermis so I wouldn't recommend longer noodles at home.

I don't think it's safe, so I'm gonna show
you all the attachments. So there is a body attachment, that is good
for the body, and to address the cellulite. My favorite has been definitely the face attachment,
the attachment they use a little bit, but it's hard to get it closer to the inside of
the eye. So I sometimes use my lip attachment, under
the eye as well just feel like it goes easier in that area. So, this is attachment that I didn't really
care for when I got it, but it's so amazing during winter I felt like my lips were losing
volume and then they had more of those lines, and even like the outside edge of my lips,
I feel like it was not as defined, so I tried this one, and it definitely added more plumpness
to my lip.

It made my lips more defined. This was a surprise for me. I didn't expect to like this. The other attachment that I really really
love I like using this one. So this one is a jade roller attachment, normally
when you use a jade roller you have to do all the work yourself. This one kind of like does all the work for
you. So you end up getting the same results but
quicker and also like that it uses that red light, so you get that extra collagen boost. So when you put it on top of your products,
they will go deeper into your skin, and it will boost that collagen production. Again, this has been one of my favorite attachments,
and it's really funny because when I bought the kit that some of the attachments that
I was most excited about, I don't even use them, and other attachments that I didn't
think I was gonna like I use them more. I hope the feedback that I gave you was helpful
and now you can make some informed decisions.

If you have any questions about any of these
tools, feel free to comment down below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and
I'll see you next time!.

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