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they smell weird don't know I have the rest of us but yeah hi guys and welcome back to my channel so I ordered a ton of stuff from with a I've been at it for a while we actually would miss a is relatively a website that has almost everything on the website one dollars there's a couple things were literate talk more David Alaba is my only beauty product on Manor predicated so close by me I think we have about 30 items say well $35 is a cheap stuff so if you can find before anything's going on prices though there was the point of me or not is something am I trying to get rid of it is really okay okay let me go ahead and open this up in turn same a 9.0 plastic malar bags and therefore your thing is surrounded by this rocking survivor so I open it up so here is like a little shot of everything that I got I got there with your own table jewelry bath bombs some typical sponges some concealers and some lipsticks okay so first and foremost I've got this makeup bag so let me go ahead and sell you this I don't have their own brain and call LA and I think they also have a loved one called like a 200 or something like that but they have their own brains on their own other brands like LA Colors those things like that you can learn from is where this cheap and in the same price range so a good amount of this stuff is the ala brand because I was really interested to see how their brand would be the quality of the product and everything like this so the first thing I got was this gold makeup bag it's a cute little eco bag I'm probably something I will assisted I bought mine because I just honestly can't have enough makeup bags because I have a good amount of makeup this is our display nervous but I like this what it's made out of he is earning a fantastic gold but we shared an office Sunday I'm gonna actually like to lose big splashes in a subdued was when I started to focus the month away so I got a couple skin care items so I got a coconut I got the coconut oil facial sheet mask and I also get the green tea man the coconut was supposed to be a hydrating mask while they're in seat one is purifying I can't wait to try to eat I love good carrion like masks and stuff like that so let me know get on a video on that or if you leave because I was doing for you I also got this opening oxygen bubble mask and they got me a bubble man for my old man to sound like foolish it so I was right so this is what it looks like it was a pretty shirt of dollar I think the only thing that I thought that wasn't another was their own bathroom and yes they have samples they're called F phones yeah this came with six treatments of the bubble mask and it's supposed to clean and brine your skin and really excited for that I also bought a charcoal ANOVA strip soon blackheads Anderson my nose I know I've seen a little weird videos with people like riffing like all that nasty stuff I don't know so I want to see if this will be similar and yeah this one is actually bad that a to Oprah and I was talking about I think the skincare is under h0 so I'm really excited again let me know if you want a video about the skincare and then sit down with all I have for skin here so next I got a couple sponges like blenders etc the first time happening is they're wonderful under your missus is affecting the gun ban and it's black this is the exact same this exact same shape is the real techniques lie so I'm thinking I might love it but it doesn't feel hard I hate when I get Beauty soldiers at our heart because hard or rubbery I hate the referee but yes it's pretty soft so that's what you're trying it out it seem like it will be comfortable to the real techniques and I'm calling about it so I another wonderful endure but it was a different me a different shape move it so this one oh my god is this inner to go straight to the beach will want to beach so seems to be promising okay so something that has been like the latest craze for an hour the latest rage right now with beauty influencers and makeup junkies and everybody are those silly sponges sillas lunges the silicone sponges for blending and I never bought any but when I was on on this I see that they're al a brand actually had fun so I decide to get it so that two of the Wonder jelly they call them wonder Kelley sponges letting climbs so this one has glitter it's so weird they smell weird I'm gonna have the rest of us but yeah you can see it this one has glitter in it okay yeah so this one has glitter in it oh my god is my first time like touching up to the compliment and I must admit they are weird this one okay so that we might litter and then this one is just what different story when I look at all but it's just wider but yeah I'm definitely going for our Chinese abacus and most people didn't like the silicon sponges but I want to try a half so I got four edges for four dollars okay so nice because I can imagine if I got like this little cube pleasers you can never have enough users and they're black I was like so it's just so like sheep doing I got so it was smooth oh I got some LA Colors pout lip gloss and I got this because he's doing his pouty lip gloss and matte so sense is an act it's family's matte but it's lip gloss and I just don't feel like something could be met and referrers I'm just like swatch it on my hand first that's the color is pretty kind of like like a mullet more pink and the consistency reminds me of the NYX soft lip creams constantly a little bit a little bit more moisturize I'm going to see if it's going to try admit how much this grants office I always let it sit and see the get mad because on one hand is dry mac so make it solid look I met with us because it comes close on its lip gloss and translate whoopee we already dried storage drawer hard kind of say it thank you look at my hand reject so nice I might eat me more to use depending on how I like it X I got two chokers so I got this did them something and I got it cause I don't like this ones are cute let's try on it so basically this is what it looks like I can't get it close like this these are one very small like with it so so chain is not that long like I said like he'll sit around my neck look there's I don't have to put in that layer so much and I know shows this must be tight but it's not very like sitting for everybody I'm not going to try this alone but I think it's really cute and we are getting down to the consumers and stuff I have a couple more things so since I got to buy bombs this is one of them smells good so as you see if there's f-bomb on front of me these are 250 environmental correctly so two seasons of Ascalon is mine I've never used one or part one before so I'm excited to see how that works out so I have to okay and then I also ordered oh I'm ordered a la coloureds contour sequel as a highlight stick so you can see here and I want to see if it compares with the Burberry highlights is that I have this do ten to alert okay get this off and they might ride this horse right off and it's a haul that I got some extra situation most of it is from the same I think so this lipstick was right I'm 39 yes yes yes i swatched it so this would be good for like a outfit every day blue because it's not like popping but it's evening they want you to see every bit here I can see that being like yeah like I knew natural here's like a natural helmet wasn't it all week or like class or right you also like being your face with a yellow and erase it either this is for you not be my face will wanna be don't wanna be basically $1 so they are this one brightly colors that look coming for smoky lids oh I see okay so one more thing from la color is actually two more things really colors I got a auto lip liner and mob cuz I mean look live with cheap anyway for the most part unless you go to making sunlight picking it out going so this one is like the kind of choose nicely said to be able to be more creamy but it is right Superman it's a pretty it sucker to Moscow and I could see myself using this and I really like the other ones because you don't have to keep sharpening over and over no go again hate it and the nice guy okay I'm pretty sure I don't know how this is all work for me but I got the elation is liquid makeup and I guess in my crotch is killing me or maybe last the darkest color and basically I'm just gonna i'ma try to level one dog Mickelson tomorrow in the future but I got this one and it's an ashamed beautiful bronze I don't know if it's the darkest when I think that's a second to darkest one but yeah I got it and I want to like try it out on my face right into the tutorial a little nervous okay okay no Oh I can see that so this is where I didn't lend it in you can see like there's how it is when you plug it in it gets in where I can see like once it drives it you can probably build on top of it we use I have a la the myth a brand studio poreless primer I'm looking forward to trying that lid on this and I am sure he always works pretty watery just right out so smooth it's like they just blend out there like nothing it does it feel still otoni at all like how the next one in the flesh money extra still cartridge and its milk food which is good actually I just I'm kind of concerned as see if they actually works as a primer because there's something and it just looks the words like that so we don't see I'll definitely be done a real necklace so I all these consumers had the same names as the LA girl Pro conceal which is already very affordable and very good and I'm just interested to see how they compare I actually have completed colors we have warm honey expresso chestnuts on cool sandwich my favorite and toast so yeah I just watched cool fan on my arm again the packaging looks like color Paco sticks very light you can so it's twisting and cheese okay there really helps around because it coverage is crazy it looks like there's a lot of coverage in Philly girl phone oh my god what if I have a $1 incident girl bro you know you know make sure not to miss in that video I'll put a link down below to that video as well once I upload this one because this is about to be lit yes in dinner design colors I'm so freaking to claim it okay so let's move on to lipstick right there a microphone I'll do a different video for these tunes but all is able to be stupid as long what I got six lipsticks is well from it's a I'll just show you out of colors some of them are metallic as I say the purple thank you I know more these know I could paint Emily I guess copped a minute and created it is such a pretty part of our lives of my dog lipstick so I'm here for it so pretty I'm afraid to question of them but yeah there's basically everything guys thanks for watching my video let me know have y'all shopping the same before this is my first time but their cellphones are soaking probably most of the day because I'm cheeping why not I might do another hog they're all interested in it and let me know and just comment down below I forget to like and subscribe and I will see y'all next time all right now

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