Struggling Families Get Free Diapers In Koreatown

all right so the corona virus pandemic obviously has hit families hard for parents who have lost their jobs affording even the basics is a struggle that includes diapers for their babies CBS 2's Roy Benedict shows us a diaper giveaway in Koreatown it was a handout for the youngest in the community as cars lined up for free diapers she's only three months he goes through diapers like real quick so there's a real need here with three kids daisy Ronquillo is managing a household of five when the maternity leave and everything was gonna be over I was going to go back to work and then all this started to happen now surviving and only her husband's income they are doing what they have to to get by every morning we go to the LAUSD one when we go to the grocery store we have to make sure we have a specific list of specifically what we're gonna buy and we try to look up prices and everything to make sure that you know it's a similar story that brought hundreds of people to the office of LA councilman Herb Wesson it helps a lot you know well so many people live on the margins hell I've lived on the margin that sometimes I live on the margin so anything that you can can get to help going through a crisis like this is important the giveaway is part of a joint effort between Wesson's office and the good+ foundation which donated $200,000 will you know go above and beyond families were asked to pre-register for the diaper giveaway online and as soon as it was posted there was so much of a response that within hours every diaper was spoken for hopefully this will be an inspiration to others to donate and just about anything that you have people can use the box of more than a hundred diapers sure was a blessing for this mom it's gonna help us a lot and she sure is thankful for the support from this giveaway and others that are allowing her family to stay home and stay safe joy Benedict CBS 2 News

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