Ulubieńcy października 2015: Dior, Guerlain, Dermalogica

Hello dears. As I'm running out of time again, let me get straight into the video. The first favourite product I'd like to talk about and that I've been using a lot in October is a Guerlain fragrance called La Petite Robe Noir – there are a few versions of this fragrance and I have the eau de toilette. La Petite Robe Noire is a floral-fruity fragrance with cherry, rose and blackcurrant notes. It's a sweet, rather intense and powdery fragrance, which lasts on the skin for about a few hours. I personally think that it's perfect for evening wear and special occasions, but if you really like sweet fragrances or cherry notes, then I think you can use it any time of the day. If you're looking for an interesting, distinctive and very feminine fragrance for autumn, I highly recommend the Little Black Dress from France.

The next product that I've been using a lot in October is the Dior Capture Totale foundation. You perfectly know that I like Dior make-up products and my favourite foundation is the Dior Skin Forever, which I have on my face in almost every video. But today I intentionally apllied the Dior Capture Totale foundation so you can see how it looks like in person and camera. And what type of foundation is it? In fact, it isn't foundation, but a 2 in 1 product – foundation and serum. And this is a very nourishing and moisturising product that gives a fantastic coverage. Due to its rich, creamy consistency, only a small amount is enough to cover the entire face. It moisturises the skin very well, gives it luminosity and it has a typical satin finish. It lasts very long and the reason why it worked well for me and became my favourite is because I had a chemical peel done. This foundation worked really well when my skin was peeling off, so it's a product that every person with dehydrated or naturally dry skin should like.

It will be great for women with aging skin that requires nourishing ingredients. Everyone who likes foundations with a nice coverage without looking cakey will like it as well. I have the shade number 20, which should be beige as its name suggests, but it turns yellow when it oxidizes. That doesn't bother me though, quite the opposite – it gives my skin, which looks a bit tired at this time of year, a nice tone. I also have to tell you about esthetic medicine clinic, which is located in Wola in Warsaw. I found out about this clinic from my viewer, who is the manager there, I want to say a warm 'hi' She made me want to get to know that place better and I've visited the clinic quite a few times and I had different procedures done like lip fillers, a radio frequency treatment, moisturising treatments and acid treatments that I'm super happy with. You perfectly know that I love places and people that are professional and I very rarely manage to find places and people like that in Poland.

Clinic is the perfect combination of professionalism and perfectionism, which I really like and I highly recommend that place to every person who is planning to get a beauty treatment done or is currently looking for an aesthetic medicine clinic. I wrote an entire article about, I'll link it in the description box down below so you can have a closer look at that place because it's not only beautifully designed, but it can also pride itself on having a very professional team.

That place really reminds me of the vet Medicavet that saved my Ragdoll's Lord life and I also wrote a post about that vet on my blog, I'll also link it below the video. You should definitely check it out if you have a pet and are looking for a fantastic place in Warsaw that will take care of your cat or dog, I can guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied. And the last item, or a beauty product in fact, that I would like to tell you about today and that I've been using a lot in October is a cream from the American brand Dermalogica. It's a day cream with SPF 50 and I was in a way forced to use this cream when my skin was peeling as a result of the chemical peel because that treatment requires avoiding exposure of the skin to the sun. And honestly speaking, this cream has worked really well for me. It has a very handy applicator in the form of a pump, the consistency is creamy, but light.

Applying it on your face is easy, it's absorbed quickly into the skin, and in my opinion, a big plus of this product is that it doesn't make your face go white. I'm wearing it now and you can't tell that I have suncream on my face. It has a characteristic, herbal smell and because of that it reminds me of Sisley beauty products. But I can really, really recommend it, not only to those of you who had chemical peels done, but also to all of you who don't really like being exposed to sunlight. But I also have to tell you that this isn't the only product from Dermalogica that I have – I own a few more and I'm very pleased with almost all of them. I also mentioned them a few times on Snapchat, so all of you who follow me there perfectly know about that.

But why am I mentioning this? Because I want to ask you if you would like me to film a separate YouTube video about Dermalogica because this brand is not that popular in Poland and I think that you could find that video interesting. And maybe you would like me to do a video about my favourite beauty products from this brand. If so, please let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. I would like to remind you that in the description box down below you can find links to all the articles I've mentioned in today's video.

There's also a list of products that I used for today's makeup and links to all my social media accounts that I'm active I invite you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Please let me know what your October favourites were, I'm very interested to know and I'll be happy to check them out. See you in my next video.
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