– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I'm gonna show you everything that is in my hospital bag. This is baby number three for me. So I feel like these are
things you really need in your hospital bag. I haven't over packed. I feel like now I sort of
know what you actually need and what you don't need. So I really hope this is helpful. I'm going to put a list in the description of everything that I
have packed in the bag so you can reference that
if you don't have time to watch this video. I should also mention that I am actually having a home birth, but my
thinking behind packing the bag is to get myself organized,
have everything in one place, and if we did for any reason
have to go to the hospital, it wouldn't be a stress. We could leave at a moment's notice now, because my bag is packed.

So I haven't got a fancy
hospital bag at all. We are just using one of
our smallest luggage cases. Which I think is really practical. Because it's on wheels, so
my husband can wheel it in. And also, when you open it up, it's really simple to
see where everything is. You can see the baby's
things and my things and it' all laid out perfectly. So I actually think that
this is quite a practical way to do it, rather than
the fancy hospital bags that you can get. And the first thing you
see when you open it up is my hospital notes,
and these are the notes that I've already been given for the baby.

So this is all the information and record that I'm gonna need when he's born. So that is on top. And if I have any anti-natal appointments between now and then, I just take it out of this suitcase and when I get back I just put it straight back on top. In this little pocket here I
have put a little Ziploc baggy which has enough car park change
for the hospital car park. So I'm gonna start off by
showing you the most important person's things, and that is the baby. So this is everything that
I've packed for our baby, all laid out. Right, so let's start
out with the toileting. I am bringing a pack
of 37 Pampers nappies. This is the size one,
it's the newborn size. And my boys are normally
about eight pounds in weight, so I'm assuming that
this one will be as well. So this is probably more than I would need but you never know how long
you're gonna be in there for, so I would just take
a big pack if you can.

Then I have my WaterWipes. These are recommended by midwives. You can either bring cotton wool and water or WaterWipes like this. These are really, really
handy for those really early meconium poos that are
really sticky and black and just quite hard to clean. They're 99.9% water and
then 0.1% fruit extract. So then, I really doubt
that I will need this, but I'm bringing a little tiny sample of barrier cream, so it's basically like a nappy rash cream. All of my boys had really sensitive skin. I doubt that I will put
this on their newborn skin like the day they're born.

But just in case, I have it with me. In terms of clothing for our baby, I'm bringing four little vests with us, so that he can wear these
under his sleepsuit. Because babies get really, really cold, because they're so tiny. You would definitely want some vests. So I bring two short
sleeved vests from Next. I'm also bring two long
sleeved vests also from Next. They're really soft. And these ones are in the
size zero to one month, and these ones are in the
size zero to three months. It's nice to have a
little variation in size, especially if it's your first baby and you really don't know
how big they are going to be.

So there is the vests. And in terms of his actual little outfits, I am bring three sleep suits. They're all, all-in-one sleep suits. They're all from Next. I just love them from
there because they have the integrated socks, so
no need to bring socks. And they have the
integrated scratch mitts. So you can just turn the cuff over on all of the Next sleep suits and instantly they cannot
scratch their face. My friend Lucy, got me
this one, it's so sweet. It's got a barcode on it and
it says, Little unique one, born in 2016. So I think this'll be
one of his first outfits. I just think it's really, really, sweet.

I also got another one from
Next, exactly the same, but it's blue and it says Little Brother. And then the next one we got also says Best Little Brother, this
was from my Mother-in-Law. Again, from Next. These two are from zero
to one month in size and this one is zero to
three months in size. I would recommend bringing
three or four outfits. Because babies are sick a lot and they 'explosive poo' a lot, and they're only tiny to pack, so it's much better to
pack more outfits with you. I've got two little hats for him to wear.

These are really, really soft. Just cotton, thin ones. Because it's gonna be September so it's not gonna be very cold. They're also quite large because my babies have quite large heads. Ouch. I got him this blanket
from Mama's and Papa's. It is a cellular blanket, because again, it's September it's not gonna be too cold so I want it to be breathable. I love the gray and white strips. And then a touch of mustard on the edges. I think it's really, really sweet. And so I've got that and I can't wait to put that on him. And I will definitely put that on him, you know, if we are on our way home. Or that will be like his first blanket. So I have two muslins for him. This is for using when you're burping him, or as like a bit of a cover
up if you're breast feeding.

I got these from Ikea. I just like the way that they wash up. And I think that the
designs are really cute. And they're really,
really, simple as well. And I have a swaddle blanket for him to get him all cozy and feel
like he's still in the womb. This is from Snooze, which is who made our bed that we got for him. Which is the Snooze Pod. And I like the fabric. It's called the Rootin Tootin Design. And it's basically just a big triangle that you wold wrap him up in. But my other two boys have
really liked being swaddled.

So I have brought his
swaddle blanket as well. One other essential, is a baby car seat. You have to make sure that
this is ready and set up in you car before you go into labor. Because midwives will want to see that is all ready to go
before you leave the hospital. So we have ours waiting by the door, ready to go and all set up
with the base in the car. And so you'll need your car seat. And the only other thing
that I was thinking that you might want is
some formula and a bottle if you don't want to breast feed. I'm personally, I'm going to breast feed. And I'm pretty confident
that, that's gonna work out, only because I've
breastfed the two others. So I'm not bringing any with me. But that may be something
you want to consider as well. Right, now onto what I'm
actually bringing for myself. The first thing that I wanted to show you is what I think I'm going
to wear during labor.

This is what I've worn the past two times. It is just a black T-shirt
dress from Dorothy Perkins, and I wore it when I gave birth to Fraser because he was born in December. I just happened to be wearing this dress. But actually, it was really practical because it was black and
because it is a dress, it gives you a little bit of grace, when you're in labor and
when you're walking around you're sort of covered. But then also available
for checks as well. So I'm gonna bring this
little black T-shirt dress. I hung onto it for all these years, because I feel like it
will bring me luck now.

Because the past two labors that I've had have gone so well, I have to wear this, when I'm in labor with this one as well. Then I've go myself some new
sleepwear from Asos Maternity. It's really, really slouchy. Just a T-shirt and then the
matching bottoms as well. I thought I'd get blue and white stripped because I am having a boy.

And it's really, really, soft cotton and I think that will
be really cozy to wear, after I've given birth. So, I'm bringing those,
but I'm also bringing a back up pair of pajamas. Because birth is quite messy. So you never know what is gonna happen. And so I'm also bringing some really slouchy, gray, Harem trousers. For my second set of pajamas, I'm bringing this nursing top. This is just from Mothercare, and it's just really easy access for if you have to breastfeed and stuff. So I thought it would be sensible to have two sets of sleepwear available. You will definitely want to bring some socks or slippers with you. I just got these really
cute ones from Sainsburys. I prefer socks, to be
honest, than slippers, because I get quite hot during labor. And I find that maternity
wards are quite hot because they've got
these little tiny people that they need to keep warm.

So it's always quite warm. So, but you'll definitely
want something on your feet. Especially, if you're
wandering around a hospital. If labor is taking a while. Then, I'm bringing one really
big, nursing bra with me. This is from Next and it has no underwire, because my milk, or most peoples milk, doesn't come in for three days, so I just kinda wanna
help the flow as much as possible with no underwire. Once my milk is in I feel quite confident, I can wear nursing bras with underwire that H and M do some really nice one.

But for now I'm just doing a wearing a really basic plain one. So, I've got that ready. Speaking of breastfeeding, I am bringing this little sample pack
of Lansinoh breast pads. I doubt again, that I will need these because my breast milk
doesn't normally come in until day three, but just in case I thought I would have these in my bag. And I've got these in my
Emma's diary pack as well, so they're just handy to have. But I also want a going home outfit. I have these black slouchy trousers. They are just lounge
trousers from Primark. You could wear black leggings, etc etra, but if you're sore, it' quite nice to have really loose, like joggers on. So I wore these when I was
coming home with Caleb. And they were really comfy. And I lived in them when he was a newborn. For the rest of my going home outfit, I've got this top from H and M. It's still quite a large maternity size because you will probably
look like you're six months pregnant still, you
obviously won't go back to the way you were straight away.

It's quite big and the best thing about it is it's got these flaps, so that you can really, simply breastfeed. There's holes there to have
easy access to breastfeeding. Which is great for when
you go home as well. So I really like the
H and M nursing range. I've got that. Now for the really sexy stuff. I have two sets of disposable briefs.

These are just the Boots own ones. And they're basically just underwear that you can just chuck out. So straight after you give birth you have these on and maternity pads and it's messy, and you
can just chuck it all out. I've got disposable briefs. I've also got these black
boy shorts from Next. These are just like underwear. They're in a larger size
than I would normally wear, but I just really want to be comfortable after I've given birth
and I would definitely recommend getting them
in black or navy blue. Just dark colors. But gosh sakes do not get white because you will be bleeding a
lot after you give birth. I don't want to like sugar coat it. You will have a heavy period for like a good couple of weeks. So you'll need underwear like this. Then I have 10 maternity pads with me. These ones are the Boots Own ones.

I'm bringing 10, you may want more if you think you might
be there for longer. But you'll definitely want some pads like this to wear afterwards. Also, definitely want your
camera and camera charger if you can remember to pack it. I have packed this already because it's kinda like
a spare camera for us, because I'm also filming
on one camera now. But I've packed it, it's
fully charged and it has a memory card in it. It is ready to go. Yeah, and you'll also
want a phone charger. This one is actually a spare one. So it's already packed and ready to go. But if you don't have a spare one, it's worth maybe writing yourself a note and sticking it on top of your bags, so that yourself or your partner, maybe if you write a list,
like camera, camera charger, phone, phone charger, something like that. And they can remember to grab those last minute bits as well.

And then I'm bringing two packs
of Lucazade glucose tablets. Because I had these in my first labor. Someone recommended that I
bring them for like energy. And they really worked for me. I actually ended up taking
them like between pushes when I was pushing Fraser out. And I don't know, I felt like they worked. It might've been more of
like a placebo effect. That I just thought
that they were working. But you might be low on energy. So I really recommend
these and your partner can have them as well if they're flagging. I think you can get these
anywhere, but I picked these up at Boots. And for my birth, I actually
practice hypnobirthing. So have all of my hypnosis
and music on my phone, and then I hook it up to
some wireless headphones, because in my first birth I
didn't have wireless ones, and the wires really drove me crazy and I had to hold the
phone the whole time.

But wireless ones. They're all charged up and ready to go. So it might be worth
doing something like this if you're also doing hypnobirthing. I have put all of my toiletries
into a bag like this. It's a clear bag. I go this in a set of three from Primark. I liked that it was clear
because if if is my husband who is getting something for me, it's really simple to see
what is inside this bag. Some deodorant, it's
just Mitchum deodorant. And I have got the unscented
because I think if you are breastfeeding it's
really nice for them not to have a strong smell in their face if they've just been
born, they probably don't want like spring meadow
smell in their face. So I've got just unscented and my husband can use this as well if he wants to.

I've got toothpaste and toothbrush. Little nappy bags just
in case there's any like wet clothes or soiled clothes from the baby with sick on it or something, that I can put them into these bags. Got Paracetamol for pain
relief after the birth and also if my husband gets a headache from the birth. Got Vaseline intensive care because the gas and air can be very drying. In terms of toiletries
I'm just bringing samples. My husband actually owns a
salon so he has loads of samples there, but if you can
get your hands on these, it just makes it so much easier to carry.

So all I'm bringing are samples of precleanse Dermalogica wipes, so I can wipe my make up off if I want to. And then also samples of
face wash and my moisturizer which is skin smoothing cream. So just a little one of those. I think as long as I
can take my make up off and moisturize, I'll be happy. I don't need my whole
toner three step thing. So I'm just bringing those. Hair ties during labor
to put your hair up, especially if you're all sweaty. I've got a little sample
of Molton-Brown body wash, and I'm also bringing some make up, which some people might
think is unnecessary but for me after birth, I'm the type of person who feels so much better when she has make up on.

So it's a way of putting
myself back together. I'm bringing just three
really basic products. I'm just bringing an
Estee Lauder BB cream. So it's just a tinted moisturizer. Rimmels wake me up
concealer, because I will probably look quite tired. And I'm just bringing
a really simple blusher from Bare Minerals. This is Beauty and then an old like brush that I had a spare. Last but not least, you'll
want to bring some things for your partner. Get him to pack a bag, maybe
with a spare sets of clothes and things, but it's
also worth getting him to download a contraction app, so they can help you
time your contractions when you're in early labor. Also bringing them some snacks because it is going to be a long time. So it's worth getting them that
so that they're not flagging. I'm bringing my husband
a coke because he will need the caffeine and
then also some cereal bars so that he has a little bit of energy and something to eat if we're
just stuck in the hospital. Definitely look at how
much petrol is in your car in the weeks around your due date, because you will want to have
enough petrol at all times.

And so that is it then. That's everything in my hospital bag. I really hope you liked this video. Let me know in the comments
below, what you thought. And if there's anything you
feel that I've missed out on. And if anybody else has
any tips on preparing for a home birth, I would love to hear in the comments below
what your top tips are, because I am planning for
a home birth at the moment.

So I'd really appreciate any help. But yes, thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe for my channel. And I will see you very soon. Bye. This is my 36 week pregnancy bump. It is really, really, super low. My belly button has popped. And I don't think you can see the line..

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